The Evolution of J.L.Arrowsmith

Born in country Victoria, Jason Smith spent the first five years of his life in bitter cold until his family moved north, towards the humid beaches of Central Queensland. It was here where Jason spent his youth leading an active lifestyle of swimming, surfing, skiing and camping and developing his keen love of nature. Surrounded by the natural world, the creative doors began to unlock and the ideas for an epic story first emerged.


For as long as he can remember, Jason dreamt of being a pilot, and always gravitated towards the subjects at high school that connected with that dream. However, his creativity was never far behind as he thoroughly enjoyed music and creative writing. Tinkering with the initial story ideas in the final years of high school, Jason received a brief misdirection immediately before his graduation. Believing there would be no future for him in aviation, he moved to Brisbane, Queensland, and spent the next 18 months studying classical Tuba.

Struggling with moving from that idyllic countryside to the concrete jungle, Jason felt incomplete and soon left his music studies to pursue the dream of becoming a pilot. Everything fell into place, and with his head planted firmly in his studies, Jason excelled. During this time, his story arcs began to take shape, characters, locations and events started to form, and only a few years later, he graduated as a qualified commercial pilot. In the lead up to the big day, Jason realised for the first time ever, he didn't want to fly commercial jets. He wanted to do more than just fly passengers to and fro; he wanted to help people and make a difference in the world.


Working as a contract commercial cleaner during those university years, Jason chose to focus heavily on building his business after graduating from aviation. He built the business steadily and using the time he would normally have spent studying, Jason began to flesh out the story arcs for his debut novel. It was around the same time, his thoughts set on using his piloting skills to help make the world a better place, Jason applied for the Air Force.


Undergoing laser eye surgery to meet the Air Force’s strict medical standards, Jason worked through the myriad entry tests, intent on gaining acceptance. Simultaneously he continued to build the cleaning business until finally, he held enough time to firmly focus 6 months on bringing his first book to life; The Exiled.

Finally content with his self-edited manuscript, Jason approached an independent publisher to begin the journey of seeing his creative dream come to life. It was at that time, and with a few words of wisdom from a mentor, Jason realised the Air Force was not for him. And although he knew he wanted to use his aviation background to make a difference in the world, he began to see there was another way. So following his instincts, Jason met with the publisher and asked for a job.


Again, everything fell into place and as he slowly began closing down cleaning contracts, he concentrated on the next phase of his personal and professional development; creativity and innovation. With guiding words from that same mentor, Jason has stepped into the creative writing domain and currently spreads his time carefully over a number of roles.

For Ocean Reeve Publishing he operates as the Lead Client Manager and Developmental Editor to help new and published authors bring their creative legacies into the world; for Clark and Mackay Printers he ensures local and national printing needs are met with excellent service and quality; and for himself, Jason works toward the release of his epic science fantasy series, and explores his own creative and entrepreneurial ventures. With emphasis on his humanitarian goals, Jason looks forward to the day he can truly exercise his love of flying and need to give back to the community, whilst bringing more of his creative legacy into fruition.